We will have a limited suply of blueberries at the Market this Saturday, so please come early to be sure you get some. We will not have any berries at Market next Tuesday, but hope to have a small quantity again next Saturday. Also, we will have a small quantity of Roma and Celebrity tomotoes this Saturday, and our suply will be increasing over the next couple weeks, and we will be adding Golden Sunray to our selection, which is a yellow slicing tomato. We aniticipate having sweet corn in a week or two.

We expect to have a good supply of blueberries tomorrow and next Tuesday. We will also have some reduced berries available tomorrow, July 5. We have 19 flats of Patriot (12 pints per flat) which are very ripe and will need to be processed immediately, at a reduced price of $48 per flat ($4/pint).

We will have LOTS OF BLUEBERRIES tomorrow, Tuesday July 1, at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market from 8 AM until 1 PM unless we sell out sooner! We are offering quantity discounts, including a special price for buying two or more cases (12 pints/case): 4 pints for $19, 1 case for $55, 2 cases or more at $50/case. If, as expected, supplies hold up, we will offer the same quantity discounts on Saturday, 7/5. (Quantity discounts offered only while supplies are good.)

Blueberry pints

Fresh-picked blueberries from Hickory Hill Farm

We are now entering the peak of our blueberry season.  From tomorrow through Saturday, July 5, we expect to have a good supply of blueberries for sale at the Harrisonburg Farmers’ Market, and will be offering quantity discounts while supplies last.  If you want to buy berries by the case, now is a good time to get them.  We will probably continue to have blueberries at the market through mid or late July.


The blueberries are getting ripe, and our first day with berries at the Harrisonburg Farmers’ Market will be this Tuesday, June 17.  Come early, we expect to have a limited supply and sell out.  We will continue to have blueberries at the Market every Tuesday and Saturday morning for at least a month.


We’ve had a cool, wet spring and anticipate our blueberry crop will be ripening late this year. We exect to bring our first blueberries to market in mid to late June, and we’ll certainly give you an update as the time approaches.

Cold weather improves the flavor of kale!

Cold weather improves the flavor of kale!

Tomorrow (Saturday, 10/19/13) and until the end of October we expect to have:



(green, red and savoy)
We do not have as much cauliflower as in the past and expect to run out by or before the end of the month. Sale price on cabbage continues while supply lasts.


(Butternut, Mini Orange Hubbard, & white, green & Celebration acorn). Stock up–Winter Squash stores well.
and Sorghum molasses in pints and quarts, made from sorghum raised by Hannah with no chemical inputs. It has GREAT flavor!

All this available at our Hickory Hill Farm stand at the center of the Harrisonburg Farmers Market (http:/harrisonburgfarmersmarket.com/), open every Tuesday and Saturday, 7 AM to 1 PM, until the end of October. We will announce our November products and dates then.

–Samuel Johnson for Hickory Hill Farm


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