Tomorrow, August 23, we will have 2 new additions to our stand at the Harrisonburg Farmers’ Market. Grant will be bringing his first picking of kale. I just saw him unloading it and boy! is it beautiful and lush, and there should be plenty for everyone. Same as last year, the variety is Vates Blue Curl, which produces tender dark green leaves with plenty of thick curl. This will also be our first day with Worden grapes. This is an early Concord type, a dark purple, slip skin grape with the classic old-fashioned flavor, excellent for fresh eating or jams and jellies.

We will also have sweet corn, tomatoes, cantaloupes and watermelons. We expect to have our Bodacious bicolor sweet corn at the Market through next Saturday, August 30. Our tomato supply remains strong with our three varieties, Celebrity, Golden Sunray, and Health Kick.

This week is Taste of Downtown in Harrisonburg. We will be helping to celebrate this food event by offering special discounts on our sweet corn and tomatoes at the Farmers’ Market both Tuesday and Saturday mornings. Discounts will apply only while the supply is abundant, so come early if you’re looking for a good deal. “Delectable” is our bicolor sweet corn, and the ears are tender, sweet, and very large. We have three varieties of tomatoes. A classic red slicer, our “Celebrity” won a blue ribbon at Tomatofest last week. “Golden Sunray” is our yellow slicing tomato, sweet and less acidic than red varieties. We also have “Health Kick,” a Roma type paste tomato that boasts higher levels of lycopene.

"Delectable" sweet corn truly is!

“Delectable” sweet corn truly is!

Our sweet corn is finally ready and will be available at our stand at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market tomorrow, Saturday, August 2. Delectable is a bi-color sweet corn that is tender, sweet and flavorful. It holds its sweetness for days and the ears are large this year. It is a non-GMO corn that we raise without sprays.

Also at Market, we have several varieties of tomatoes: Celebrity, our popular red slicer that is both solid AND tasty; Golden Sunray, a smooth round golden slicer for those who need a low-acid tomato (this is the one that Samuel grew back in the 80s and 90s); and Health Kick, a red Roma-type tomato that is high in healthful lycopene and excellent for sauce, salsa, paste, etc.

In addition, we will at times have a few other items, such as chard, cucumbers, summer squash, etc.

Look for these items and more at our Hickory Hill Farm stand at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market every Tuesday and Saturday from 8 AM to 1 PM.

We will have a limited suply of blueberries at the Market this Saturday, so please come early to be sure you get some. We will not have any berries at Market next Tuesday, but hope to have a small quantity again next Saturday. Also, we will have a small quantity of Roma and Celebrity tomotoes this Saturday, and our suply will be increasing over the next couple weeks, and we will be adding Golden Sunray to our selection, which is a yellow slicing tomato. We aniticipate having sweet corn in a week or two.

We expect to have a good supply of blueberries tomorrow and next Tuesday. We will also have some reduced berries available tomorrow, July 5. We have 19 flats of Patriot (12 pints per flat) which are very ripe and will need to be processed immediately, at a reduced price of $48 per flat ($4/pint).

We will have LOTS OF BLUEBERRIES tomorrow, Tuesday July 1, at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market from 8 AM until 1 PM unless we sell out sooner! We are offering quantity discounts, including a special price for buying two or more cases (12 pints/case): 4 pints for $19, 1 case for $55, 2 cases or more at $50/case. If, as expected, supplies hold up, we will offer the same quantity discounts on Saturday, 7/5. (Quantity discounts offered only while supplies are good.)

Blueberry pints

Fresh-picked blueberries from Hickory Hill Farm

We are now entering the peak of our blueberry season.  From tomorrow through Saturday, July 5, we expect to have a good supply of blueberries for sale at the Harrisonburg Farmers’ Market, and will be offering quantity discounts while supplies last.  If you want to buy berries by the case, now is a good time to get them.  We will probably continue to have blueberries at the market through mid or late July.


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