Update 6/5/2017: We now have enough blueberry pickers lined up for our crew. Thanks for your interest!

Our blueberry crop for 2017 is looking excellent!  We hope to have berries for Pick-Your-Own by mid June, and we plan to be at the Harrisonburg Farmers’ Market with blueberries and sorghum molasses soon as well.  More updates to follow soon!

To place an order, call Hannah at 540-269-6251. I cut my sorghum cane in October, and was delighted by an exceptional yield this year!  So, I have a good supply of sorghum molasses for sale.  We will not be at the Harrisonburg Farmers’ Market any more this fall or winter, but you can put in an order for some sorghum and arrange a time to pick it up at the farm in Keezletown.  My prices are as follows:  Quarts for $13, pints for $8, and half pints for $5.  Also, if you order a case (12 jars) or more of any size, I’ll give you a 25% discount!  Sorghum makes a great holiday gift, and it’s a delicious condiment and an excellent local alternative to refined sugar.  All orders come with a complimentary recipe booklet.  My sorghum is grown without the use of any chemical fertilizers or sprays.  

We will be at the Harrisonburg Farmers’ Market this Saturday, October 14, with a variety of fall crops.  Come see us, this may be our last market of the year!

We will have a variety of winter squash, cole vegetables including cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and kale, sweet potatoes, sorghum molasses, and garlic.

We will not be selling at the Harrisonburg Farmers’ Market for the next few weeks.  Sweet corn is finished, and there is a break in the grape harvest until the Concords ripen in mid-September.

But we still have tomatoes!  You may place an order and arrange a time to pick them up at our farm in Keezletown.  We have mostly Celebrity, our classic red slicing tomato, but may also have small quantities of our yellow heirloom varieties and some San Marzano paste tomatoes.  The price is $2.75/lb for small quantities, or $1/lb if you buy 25lb or more (approximately a half-bushel).  You may place your order by calling Hannah at 540-269-6251.

This Saturday, August 27, will be our last day with sweet corn at the Harrisonburg Farmers’ Market.  We expect to have a good supply of our sweet, bi-color variety called Delectable, so come on down and stock up for freezing or get your last taste of summer eating! Our price is $7/baker’s dozen (13ears), or $3.50/half dozen.

We will also have a good supply of Fredonia grapes.  This is the peak of their ripeness, and we will have limited quantities of grapes after Saturday until Concord season in mid September.

Tomatoes continue in good supply.  We have Celebrity, a classic red slicer, San Marzano, an Italian paste tomato with excellent flavor, and several varieties of heirloom yellow slicers, all priced at $2.75/lb



We have lots of tomatoes that we need to get rid of, and this is your chance to stock up for the winter ahead!  We will have tomatoes at our stand at the Harrisonburg Farmers’ Market for our standard price of $2.75/lb, and will also be adding a bulk discount on Tuesday, August 16 and Saturday, August 20 of $1/lb when you buy 25lbs (about a half bushel) or more, while supplies last.  This discount applies only to our Celebrity tomatoes, a classic red slicer variety.  We will also have some heirloom yellow tomatoes and San Marzano paste tomatoes available at the regular price.

We still plan to have corn at market every Tuesday and Saturday for a few more weeks.  And we will soon have grapes as well, probably starting this Saturday, the 20th.